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Videos for the Family

Sharing Experiences with Your Family

Troubled Waters of Baptism

Pastor Jennifer helps us prepare for the "troubling waters" of baptism. Be sure to have your bowl of water ready for Sunday's worship.

Prayers Around the World

Pastor Jennifer talks with us about Jesus praying over his disciples and encouraging us to pray for others. She teaches us ways to pray for those we know and for those around the world. Thank you Sanya Juu for the shield of prayers!

How do you feel today?  (5/17 sermon follow-up)

How do we identify our emotions and help others to do the same? Pastor Jennifer talks about naming our emotions while we pray through the words of Jesus in Matthew 6 regarding worry. She invites us to live into the emotions and the feelings of the day as we are mindful of what God is saying to us each day!

Stress Ball Prayers

Are you stressed out?  Do you need some help praying over and through that stress?  Then this video is for you! Pastor Jennifer teaches us how to make our own stress balls with balloons and flour.  So that whenever you are stressed out or worried, grab your own stress ball and pray!  Philippians 4:6

Crossword Prayers

Pastor Jennifer teaches us a way to pray by creating Crossword Puzzle Prayers.  This is a good alone time or family activity.  Take a look and then take some time to pray today!

Worship Word Snacks (click for an example)

Pastor Jennifer gives us ideas on how to assist our young worshipers (well, young and old alike!) participating in worship. Get ready for Worship Word Snacks this weekend!

Lucy Reads an Easter Story

Pastor Jennifer, Pastor Scott and Lucy read a story about Jesus and the resurrection.  

Children's Time, April 12

Pastor Jennifer talks about Psalm 118:1 and giving thanks to God. We are invited to create a Gratitude Basket to fill for the next 50 days! 

Lulu tells Edward that she's a little sad right now. Edward lets her know that it's ok to be sad.  Thank you Pastor Scott (St. John's Lutheran Church, Nazareth, PA) for sharing this skit.

Worship Word Snacks
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