FAITH5 Devotions

Resources to Enrich your Spirit

6/2/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion

What gifts and abilities has God given you to use that share God's love with the world? This is the focus of this week's devotion as we discuss 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Take special note of diving deeper, activity, and conversation ideas.

5/26/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion

Let's dive into John 17:6-11 and wonder together about Jesus praying over us. There are several activities for how we can pray for those we know and those around the world. Take a look at the video and the devotion. Blessings to your time of prayer!
















5/19/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion

It's time to praise God!  Psalm 66:1-5 in our text for this week's FAITH5 devotion. There are added games and songs! "Praise Ye The Lord! Hallelujah!" with the cat and emoji's will surely make your day brighter.

5/12/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion

Portions of 1 Peter 2:2-10 are the focus of this week's devotion. You may want to find those building blocks or Tinkertoy set and talk about Christ as the living stone/cornerstone of our lives. Check out the devotion for other activity options this week. Blessings be upon your conversation! 

5/5/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion 

This week we have an added bonus: Pastor Jennifer and Pastor Scott have a conversation about the text for this week's devotion, Acts 2:42-47. What is your definition of "church" and "community"?




4/28/2020 - FAITH5 Devotion

This week we look at 1 Peter 1:21-23. We'll talk about how new life and sincere love toward each other are grounded in the living Word of God. Thanks be to God!

4/21/20 - FAITH5 Devotions

This week we talk about Psalm 16 as we pray for God's presence of joy and peace. Remember to HandSpeak "Peace be with you" and offer that gift of becoming quiet to one another.

4/14/20 - FAITH5 Devotions

Let's take a deeper look at Psalm 118 this week. If you haven't already, take some time today to create your Gratitude Basket and share in moments of hope together.

3/31/20 - FAITH5 Devotions

For this week's FAITH5 Devotion you might want to grab some noise makers - a box of rice and measuring spoons - as you make Ezekiel's story of the dry bones come alive. Be sure to check out the extra tips on family conversations.  Call a friend, Zoom, Skype, or Facetime and expand your faith filled experience.  

3/23/20 - FAITH5 Devotions

As you share in this time as a family, we invite you to take photos and share your experience with the church. Feel free to send them to, or post them on Trinity’s Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your faith formation practice come to life!