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Church Committees

Keeping Trinity a Well Oiled Machine

As a church, we are only as good as the help we provide. We are proud to contribute our time, money, and prayers to some local organizations of the Lehigh Valley.

Church Council

The Church Council is made up of 12 elected leaders of the congregation and our pastor. Meetings are held monthly to oversee the operations of the church.

Christian Education

Christian Ed believes our spiritual formation is a lifelong process. They provide Christian education for all ages on Sundays from September to June. There are other opportunities for spiritual growth and faith development at our summer Bible Study, and Vacation Bible School.

Worship and Music

This committee assists Council in seeing that the services are in accordance with the traditions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Safety and Security
This committee is focused on protecting people and property and preparing members for emergencies including first aid, CPR, AED use, and fire protection.


Property committee oversees the maintenance and care of all church property.


Stewardship committee promotes the financial care for all that we have been given from God and leads members to informed and grateful giving.


The Endowment committee is responsible for the oversight and management for our financial investments, so that our future of giving is ensured.


The Finance committee is responsible for drafting the congregation approved church budget, and has oversight of all financial affairs for the church. Financial decisions are regularly voted on by members of the committee and the congregation to ensure the best interest of our church.

Helping Hands 

Oversees various social activities of the church that provide extra support to maintenance of church buildings and/or to support an outreach project.

Mutual Ministry 

Mutual Ministry aids our pastor in making decisions for the church, and keeps him informed of the needs of the congregation.


This committee cares for and supports the church by providing support, responsibility, and care for our staff.


Evangelism is in charge of leading the congregation in welcoming visitors, making sure the church and its activities are known to the outside community, and occasionally organizing activities to expand our church fellowship.

Social Ministry

This committee coordinates fundraising events with the funds going to help those in need both within the church and those in the community. They also help members become more aware of the needs of the wider community so that they might bring to them the healing light of Jesus Christ.


The Memorial Committee is responsible for maintaining a register of Memorial gift receipts and expenditures and maintaining a prioritized list of requests for Memorial funds.